Good Souls, Bad Souls and Assholes.

In March I had withdrawn the publishing of my book because I was told I would be sued. In April, the Brilliant One, Simon T. Bailey eyeballed me and said, "Don't you dare leave this earth without publishing that book!"

I spoke to a few legal people and agreed to change all the names, places and dates in my book and to publish. The publishers wanted me to write under a pseudonym and to list the book as fiction - even with the names and places and dates changed? I refused.

On the 9th of July, my book was published. 

I have had overwhelmingly fulfilling responses that include:

"You've given me the courage to get out my situation..." W.F.

"Your strength has taught me that I will survive if I stand up for myself." T.S.

"I cried and cried and cried. I also laughed hysterically. Most of all I thank you Tina for showing me that life can change for the better if we are brave enough to do what is right." A.L.

It has been 6 weeks now since I first held my book in my hands and I am emboldened by the comments, feedback and support I have had from readers on all continents. The reviews on Amazon have humbled me. Thank you one and all for reading my story. 

In gratitude I will be giving away some free books to Amazon readers.