EPIPHANY Leadership Development and Coaching was founded in 2008 and is wholly owned by Tina Thomson. 

The business specializes in:

  • Personal Transformation and Development

  • Leadership development

  • Executive coaching

Tina Thomson is a certified executive coach who draws on her own experience as a leader over the past 35 years. 

Tina has owned and managed 3 successful businesses prior to establishing Epiphany and she has held several senior corporate positions, including Chief Executive (CEO) of a National organization and Global Director of a global women's entrepreneur organization. Tina is the Chief Operating Offer (COO) of Openbox LLC and also of KUCP. She was previously the General Manager of Operations of Nygala Corp. and also of Glitzzie.com. She is the Honorary Ambassador for Female Wave of Change. Tina serves on the President’s Council of St. Thomas Aquinas College.