Inspired by her miracle son Nicholas, Tina changed careers 30 years ago when she realised that as rewarding as teaching was, it didn't pay the bills! 

Several top corporate positions, (including CEO of a National organisation and Global Director of an International organisation), 3 businesses, and heaps of challenges later, Tina had a sudden intuitive realization: - her epiphany was that she should share her practical know-how and experience about the world of work, as well as her life lessons, with others. Tina felt that she had endured, survived and overcome rare circumstances and she has done much introspection to equip her to encourage others. She says the quotation by Lao-Tzu is apt here, “he who knows others is wise: he who knows himself is enlightened”.

Born Photinee (ancient Greek name, the feast of Epiphany, celebrated on 6 January), and nick-named Tina, Tina’s parents encouraged her to be multi-skilled, never dreaming that she would need to have any career other than being an extra-mural teacher. She mastered cooking, baking, entertaining, decorating, sewing and gardening, she was cultured in theatre, opera and ballet, she knew that immaculate grooming and an elegant appearance was essential – and thus she was ready for a role as the perfect wife!

However, life does not always go according to plan…

Divorced with a 10 month old son, at 22 years of age, meant that she couldn’t continue teaching communication and speech and drama in the afternoons, because it simply did not pay the bills! 

Tina was blessed with very supportive parents who assisted her to study further. She embarked on a career that has been varied and colourful. Often Tina would have two jobs at the same time – her greatest fear is mediocrity – she says that she is constantly raising the bar and bettering her previous achievements. 

Throughout her career she is recognised for always standing up for what is right and for relentlessly fighting against what is wrong – this has often been to her own detriment, but it has been said, “…Tina has an overdose of integrity”. She often quotes e.e.Cummings, “…to be nobody but yourself, in a world which is doing its best to make you everybody else, means to fight the hardest battle which any human being can fight…”

Tina says that, "…intuitively, I have always wanted to share my experiences for the benefit and upliftment of others – I reached the heights I have because my unique talents were developed by competent coaches and mentors. I had (and still have) a phenomenal coach and mentor – I believe that no text-book or business school can teach what a mentor can and the profound relationship one develops with a coach induces one to dig deep and reveal the enormous gifts one is bestowed with at conception."  Her belief that coaching is imperative for all leaders is manifested in Galileo Galilei’s quotation that we all have what it takes to reach our dreams – "You cannot teach a man anything, you can only help him find it within himself", Galileo