For many years I worked as a means to an end – there were highlights, but on the whole, I was unfulfilled. I touched many lives and I know I impacted them, but I felt that there was so much more I could give – so many areas I could share that I hadn’t for various reasons such as time restraints, policy restraints, job descriptions, hierarchies, organisational cultures, politics...

Over the past 31 years in the workplace, I have met thousands of people and have engaged with hundreds – either one on one, in groups at public speaking events, through research, by telephone or by e-mail. I find it tragic to hear how many of them are unhappy and they feel that there is no way out. So many of my colleagues used the word, “trapped” when they spoke about their lives and I was heart broken to hear this because I knew that they were once energised and challenged by their work and they were vibrant and excited about their lives. What happened? Why did they allow it to happen?

In April 2008, when my Beloved son and best friend emigrated, I had my epiphany – I had an awakening. I no longer had any excuses or anyone dependent on me – the pay cheque was inconsequential and it was time to live my passion. I removed myself instantly from a negative and draining environment that robbed me of my lustre and it didn’t matter that I sacrificed the security of a pay cheque – I gained light and life.

My transformation has been profound. I feel alive, full of joy and an inner peace that is indescribable.

Are you happy with your life?

You are investing at least 45 hours a week in exchange for a pay-cheque - how many hours per week are you spending on your passion?

Remember that your passion is the only talent that you can rely on – it is inborn and natural – it is the fuel that keeps your dream-machine in motion.

We all have dreams. Dreams can come true – only YOU can make them come true.

Live, work and play according to your passion.

What gives you the greatest enjoyment and joy?

What is the one thing that you do very well? Better than anyone else you know?

Are you using your gifts and talents on a daily basis or are you just making money?

Are you the lead role in the movie of your life or are you just an extra? Do you feature at all? Just a stand in? Do you wear a mask? How much “concealer” is under your make-up? Are you a stunt artist? Too much juggling? Perhaps you are part of the back-drop? The scenery or special effects?

Are you living out someone else’s script? Write your own…

Live your life by design instead of by accident.

“Most of us live like fans at a NFL game. We stand on the edge of the playing field, observing the contenders. We stare and cheer, we boo and hiss, but it never occurs to us that we should be on the field” -- T.D. Jakes