I feel it!

"I have not arrived at my understanding of the universe by means of the rational mind." - Albert Einstein

Well, neither have I... 

Recently I have been jabbed by my gut - often.

Whether it is in a business meeting or when I'm with family and friends, I have learnt to trust my gut feelings.

I’m not sure why people shy away from expressing their intuition or gut feelings? Certainly in the workplace it seems to be ignored or suppressed. Success in business depends on sound decision making and good leaders are decisive. In my experience, leaders fear making decisions intuitively. Why? 

Today I sat in a meeting and although everything seemed authentic and transparent, my gut was in constant conflict with my brain. Try as I may, I could not quieten the ‘alarm bells’.  Hours later, I am still on 'high-alert'. I have to pay attention and I have to listen because I felt it! My gut has warned me and I will not proceed with the deal. 

PS: next day: My feelings have been confirmed less than 24 hours later! No coincidence that a trusted adviser contacted me and I asked about the people I met with the previous day.... my gut never lies!