Gratitude and Admiration for Snoekie!

I was enthralled the minute I met Snoekie Mabena in 2003. She was the branch Treasurer of the Pretoria BWA and it was my first ‘golf-day’. Her quiet, respectful and humble manner impressed me. I had read about her achievements and couldn’t believe that the elegant and reserved woman in front of me was the power-house behind SMab Agency.

Years passed and meetings with Snoekie were always a treat. Her unique style of dress and her wise choice of words were inspiring.

In 2012 I nominated Snoekie for an International Business Award. She was a winner! I was very proud to know her and to witness her receive her award in Florida, USA. At the Gala Event she looked more like a queen than a businesswoman. Snoekie wore THEE most exquisite dress I have seen outside of Vogue Magazine and she carried herself regally.

I received a call from Snoekie after the awards. She asked for a meeting.  I was honored when she asked if I would coach her. A year of coaching followed. My respect and admiration for Snoekie grew with each coaching session.

Nothing could have prepared me for the email I received from Snoekie this week.

I have many success stories of people I have coached, but I cannot tell those stories due the confidentiality that I commit to in my coaching contracts. I have success stories of people I’ve coached to blow the whistle, of people I coached out of their jobs and into more challenging opportunities, of people who have delivered their strategies magnificently and of others who transformed from managers into effective leaders. But I can never tell those stories. Now I have Snoekie’s story that she has agreed I may publish!

Her email below led me to her website  Imagine my delight when I realized that Snoekie had qualified as a coach and started her own coaching business in less than 2 years since I was blessed to coach her!  And all this whilst steering her very accomplished SMab Agency too!

Gratitude and admiration are the two words foremost in my mind…

Dear Tina

Good Morning. It has been long I have not communicated with you. I hope I still can count on you as a sister. We may not be communicating frequently as needed but know that you are always in my mind and prayers. Tina you really made me discover my untapped potential.

I am writing this note to thank you for the wonderful work you have done within and outside me. You have planted a seed that will live for ever on this universe. You might not be aware of your God gifted talent of unleashing potential in God’s children. May you be abundantly blessed.  I love you lots Tina. I hope and wish where you go God shine his face upon you.

Please take time to visit my new website at my Facebook page is smsican.

Looking forward to hear from you. Snoekie.