If you have debt you are ok!

You have to owe money to be deemed fit to have a bank account and a cell phone!

That is the reality.

I recently sold my home and am renting an apartment temporarily. My lease agreement is not proof of address???? I have no accounts whatsoever and all my mail goes to a private box number because there is no postal delivery in the area where I live. I cannot produce a document to prove that I live at the address where I do and hence according to the bank and cell phone company,  I don't exist. 

What to do? My landlord has to go with me to the bank and he must produce the original signed lease agreement - a certified copy just won't do. Or, my employer must write a letter confirming that my address is the address the company has on record for the payment of my salary. What if I am self-employed? 

How utterly ridiculous.

What's next?