Octogenarians have more vigour!

It was at an eightieth birthday celebration luncheon that I attended last week that I realised the oldies have more clout, more vivacity, dynamism and verve than any other generation.

Why must one be 80 years plus before one realises that life is precious and that every single minute can be and must be relished to the full? I’ve never seen anything quite like it. Whether they were fit and well preserved, or in a wheelchair and in pain, the old timers had a ball. They certainly know how to party! They savoured and delighted in everything. They communicated so effectively with each other. Quick wit, combined with years of wisdom made for excellent conversation. The copious divine wines consumed lubricated their joints, tongues and minds….wow!

What is it? What makes this huge difference between the generations? Could it be:

  • They lived through the war and so they appreciate everything more?
  • They were brought up differently and have different values and priorities?
  • Their pace is slower and they can ‘stop to smell the roses’?