"You Are Brave."

It happened today! I promised myself that if one more person told me I am ‘brave’, I would blog (I haven’t blogged on my personal website literally for years!)

My recent “change of life” has led many people – some that I know well, others just acquaintances – to say, “Tina, you are brave!”… NO I am not! 

What I am is terrified of mediocrity! I want everything of life! I do! Life has so much to offer and I want it all… 

I also have the comfort of knowing that I have the King of kings in my corner. And He wants the best for me. I can face anything in His strength. When everyone says, “Goliath is too big”, like David, I can say, “He is too big to miss”!

I am perplexed that others see this in me? In 2009 I wrote an article on my website www.coachtina.co.za about whistle-blowing and it began with the same comments about being brave? Why?

How else does one live one’s life?